The NFT market grew to $ 2.5 billion in the first half of 2021.

After this tremendous growth, this market will be dominated by digital artists in the summer of 2021.

Artists who mostly produce pixel art and mostly do not produce art for analog space.

Conversely, it seems that the majority of analog artists have no representation in the digital NFT market.

We want to clarify the question of whether it can succeed in letting analog artists with digital variants of their analog art also play a role in the digital NFT market and whether this means that analog artists can develop a greater reach and a new source of income.

The basis for this will definitely be the development of a social media strategy that is based on the strategies of successful digital artists and translates them - with variations if necessary - to analog artists in digital space.

A procedural model for this is described below:

Caveat: The phenomenon of a pronounced NFT market is less than half a year old. It remains to be seen how sustainable this market is and whether it will still exist in a year’s time.

Process model

Marketplace analysis

Identification and categorization of relevant players

Identification and categorization of relevant art forms

Analysis of the presentation of players and art on the platforms

Analysis of communication in social channels


Deriving a strategy

What art forms do we use?

What platforms do we market them on?

Which social channels do we use?

Which “reach mechanisms” do we use?

How often do we use which media?

What language do we use?