Mission to Mars

Vision and goal

The question

While thousands of scientists and technicians around the world are working on the great goal of a manned journey to Mars and subsequent colonization, we ask the question:

What do we want to give the settlers as a cultural essence on their journey?

Which section of our art and culture should serve as a guideline for you in this unique project of a new beginning for civilization on a planet that is as promising as it is untouched?

What are the opportunities and dangers here? What cultural narratives from our past and present can be useful in building a new society far from Earth? Which harmful?

The question of a value system is not far off: 

Should this cultural dowry already contain the essence of a value system for the new society? Or should this dowry suggest an earth-independent new start for society on Mars in a value-neutral manner and without guard rails?

our range

In order to ask, discuss and answer this question, we call on people and organizations who create and preserve culture to make their own personal selection.

From these submissions, the objects that are given to the settlers are finally determined - as the most valuable thing the earth can contribute to the colonization of Mars.

We are opening the first art exhibition on Mars - for the time being in the virtual space at the INC corporating art fair in Hamburg 2021.

Special thanks to our friends from NovaIdea who took on the impressive design of the project with proven professionalism.