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KAV goes Sketchfab

That was fun! On 25.3. and 28.3. In 2022, as part of our offer, we [...]

School project "digital preservation of cultural heritage"

We are very pleased to have won the KAV Gymnasium in Celle for our project proposal "digital preservation of monuments" [...]

NFT @ Martina Kolle

NFT is a hot topic at the moment like no other in the art scene. We look forward to [...]

3D - how, why and what for

We recently had the opportunity to talk extensively about the subject of 3D with the innovation agency Hyve, [...]

The metaverse - what is it and why is it relevant?

The Metaverse is a collective virtual space. So far so good. So something for gamers [...]

Felix Pruner goes VR

As a former programmer, the Munich landscape painter Felix Pruner has a natural affinity for new technologies. [...]