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Debit and credit - or: what you can learn from a 160-year-old book about digitization

Background Debit and credit is a long-forgotten book from the genre of professorial novels [...]

Augmented Reality in Art

Augmented Reality - or AR for short - is certainly one of the most exciting fields of inspiration in [...]

Is my art suitable as NFT?

Artists ask us this question again and again. Whether you are a sculptor, painter or photographer [...]

Why "analog-only" artists will have a hard time...

The art market is a very special market - and remains so even in times [...]

3D printing - threat or opportunity for artists and collectors?

tl; dr With the topics of photogrammetry and 3D printing, completely new [...]

NFT as a digital admission ticket

Emotionality Depending on which year you are from, you may still remember admission tickets [...]

Artists, gallery owners and the Amazon dilemma

Now it has happened - now artists and gallery owners also have to deal with the annoying [...]

The metaverse - what is it and why is it relevant?

The Metaverse is a collective virtual space. So far so good. So something for gamers [...]

NFTs - what they are and what role they can play for gallery owners, artists and collectors

NFTs - the internet of art NFTs "live" like Bitcoin in a blockchain. In contrast [...]

Is D2C coming to the art market?

Foreword D2C - or direct to customer - is a development that can be derived from the [...]