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Is my art suitable as NFT?

Artists ask us this question again and again. Whether you are a sculptor, painter or photographer [...]

Why "analog-only" artists will have a hard time...

The art market is a very special market - and remains so even in times [...]

Felix Pruner's works as NFT

Felix Pruner understood early on how to combine analogue art with new, digital possibilities. Already briefly [...]

Large format art print – but how?

As part of Felix Pruner's NFT campaign, which we are allowed to oversee, the [...]

ArtMuc 2021

our 2nd art event 2021: After the Inc Art Fair, the ArtMuc [...]

NFT @ Martina Kolle

NFT is a hot topic at the moment like no other in the art scene. We look forward to [...]

Martina Kolle - digital transformation of a painter part 1

The title of the article is a little misleading - the artist Martina Kolle [...]

Process of creating an NFT on Ethereum

The creation of an NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain is a multi-stage and quite technical process. [...]

NFTs and provenance research

In principle, everything can be copied at will in the digital space. NFTs are supposed to remedy this and [...]

NFT as a digital admission ticket

Emotionality Depending on which year you are from, you may still remember admission tickets [...]