Augmented Reality in Art

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Augmented Reality - or AR for short - is certainly one of the most exciting fields of inspiration in the art of our century.

The term, which is unwieldy on the tip of the tongue at first, describes the combination of virtual and real content in the broadest sense.

AR has long been used in industry, for example to project repair instructions onto assemblies to support the fitter.

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The furniture industry allows your customers to set up virtual objects at home in order to make purchasing decisions easier.

And we know augmented packaging from the packaging industry.

All this has been known and tested for a long time.

However, the artist does not have to stop at the rather simple placement of virtual objects in real space:

Properties can be transferred from real to virtual objects, physical impossibilities can be applied to digital twins of real objects and much more.

The Leipzig artist Michel Schneider impressively shows how organic dance movements of real dancers, which are projected onto abstract forms, can result in an atmospheric symbiosis of human movements and abstract forms.

The Munich artist Alina Schweizer takes a digital twin of herself as the starting point for creative experiments combining real and virtual properties such as movement, form and color.

The creative space in the digital world is infinite by definition - we will still be able to experience many exciting things here.

The last doubters will be refuted when augmented reality no longer has to be experienced through the smartphone or tablet, but is a natural part of our everyday life in the form of smart glasses.

This “Iphone moment” is expected for smart glasses in the 2020s.

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