Is my art suitable as NFT?

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Artists ask us this question again and again.

Regardless of whether you are a sculptor, painter or photographer, when you look at the popular NFT trading platforms, the question can quickly arise “do you fit in there?”

When we are asked this question, we always advise to change your perspective.

The question should not be "is my art suitable for NFT?".

The question the artist should ask himself is "Do I want to appear sustainably in the digital art market?"

Since 2021, an art market in the digital space has been developing at enormous speed. The effects are huge:

Digital artists who were not seriously accepted as artists on the classic art market are suddenly successful pioneers in a market that didn't even exist until recently.

Analogue and digital artists enter into partnerships to explore the potential of symbioses.

Many billions of euros are now being moved in NFT.

So: if the analogue artist wants to participate in this market, then the first question should not be "is my art suitable for the digital market?"

The basis should be a digital strategy – of which NFTs will then be a part.

This strategy includes considerations about digital twins of your own works and social media activities. sales platforms and much more.

In this way, NFTs do not become an isolated project but a building block of a comprehensive digital plan - and that's how they make sense.

The question is not whether one's own art is suitable as NFT: the question is how can the artist use digital means to serve a digital art market.

Is this worth it for me?

Also a common question. And it comes from the same perspective as the first question.

If the artist claims to bring out an NFT series that immediately recoups the money invested there, he will be disappointed in most cases.

It is almost certain that an artist's first steps in the digital space will not be crowned with economic success.

So if you have the claim "I put x € into an NFT campaign and want to earn twice as much with it" - you should think twice about the investment or better leave it alone.

But for those artists who consciously embark on this digital journey and want to build up a sustainable digital vita and credibility in the digital market - NFTs are an exciting field for these artists.

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