Don't be afraid of technology - from real artwork to VR Experience, Part 2

person in black shirt walking on sand


In the first part, we looked at how the sculptor came to a digital twin of his work in order to find the first entry into the topic of digital art.

Here we take the next step and answer the question: "How can the digital twin help me?" Where do I go from here?”

First of all, what we show below are not finished products or works:

We use these and similar sketches to open up a creative space for the artist - to show him possibilities and inspiration.

Every work wants to tell a story - so we want to show the artist in this way what new possibilities of storytelling are available to him in digital space.

After the artist has better internalized the possibilities of this new digital freedom, he can continue to work creatively on this basis. The finished works can take up individual categories shown below, combine several of them or implement completely new ideas.

the initial situation

in the first part we created a digital twin of a statue of Karl Orth:

The digital twin of the statue

From here we continue to work with the model. We create moods and inspirations in different categories, which follow here:


A digital twin can be integrated into any conceivable scene. In this way, it can be given a changing context if required.


Just as a digital twin can be integrated into any scene, it can also be combined with any other object or substance. Here using the example of a liquid

animation and posing

With the means of the games industry, you can set up a digital twin in any pose in the scene. The figure, which is frozen in a walking motion in the original, can sit at a table like this.


Forms can be dissolved and rebuilt using other structures

destruction and construction

Objects can dissolve or arise.


In the first part we showed how the artist transfers his analogue art into the digital space and here in the second part we gave some inspiration regarding the creative possibilities that now exist.

From here, the artist can continue their creative process and create digital art themselves or together with a partner.

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