Sculpture digitized - a report - part 1

old statue of young woman with smartphone in museum

Together with the Munich sculptor Isabel Ritter, we thought about what digitization and digital presentation could mean for a sculptor.

Here you can read what we thought up and then immediately implemented.

The starting point

In the artist's bright studio we met the main character of our little project:

Lady in blue

It should be about this sculpture.

At the end of the project we want to have produced content for the social channels Sketchfab and Youtube as well as high-resolution renderings.

In addition, we want to create an approx. 20 cm high replica using 3D printing and print some miniatures of the sculpture.

Finally, we want to put the digital assets - the 3D model and the video - in the form of NFTs on a platform for sale and thus use this new digital sales channel.

Creation of the high-resolution 3D model

The first thing we do is photograph the statue a few hundred times - from all directions, all details.

From these several hundred photos, we can use photogrammetry to create a high-resolution 3D model.

This is what the high-resolution geometry of the sculpture looks like in detail:

A significantly lower resolution is sufficient for many applications. We also create the same:

If we now put textures on top, the difference to a photo can no longer be seen:


Sketchfab is like the Instagram for 3D content.

With the “low poly” model that we now have, we can use this social channel and share the model like a Facebook or Instagram post.


Next we want to use Youtube - a video with a tracking shot around the sculpture.

The highlight: Since we have the high-resolution 3D model, we do not need to make a "real" video on site, but can use key fame animations to create all conceivable tracking shots at the desk.

It looks like this, for example:

Once rendered, we can upload the video to Youtube and then share it as usual:

As I said, we can use the source material to produce any number of videos without having to pick up a camera again.

High resolution renderings aren't a problem either. E.g. in 4k:

In the 2nd part we produce the 3D replicas of the statue from the raw material created here

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